Innovative Technology
& Clinically Proven

The Cooral® System offers a big step forward in improving the quality of life for patients by providing medical professionals an easy way to reduce the risk of oral mucositis (mouth sores).

The Cooral® System is a novel and unique solution innovated by CoolPrevent, a leading medical cooling systems company.

How does it work?

The Cooral® System is an effective treatment that uses cryotherapy to reduce blood flow to a particular area. This slows down metabolism and reduces the risk of developing mouth sores and oral mucositis. The mouthpiece is easy to use and works for everyone.

Scheduling your treatment

Your doctor will schedule treatments depending on your needs. The Cooral® System can be used as often as required, without negative side effects.

Expected results

The Cooral® System gives instant pain relief and has proven much more effective than using ice chips in numerous medical studies. It also reduces the risk of forming mouth sores.

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